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As the leaves dance and the days shorten days, He refuels me

Each day, the sun rises later, the morning is darker. Each day, the sun sets earlier, with the reminder that it won’t be too long when we get up to go to work in the dark and daylight will be fading as we return home. Yet there is some beauty in this time of year. And we’re reminded God sustains us.


Using tech to hear our Shepherd’s voice

Money, some say, is the root of all evil. Actually, it’s the love of money that’s a cause for concern, because as Jesus notes, we can’t serve two masters. Another […]


Age-old promise solves burnout and rust-out

Does life sometimes feel as if you’re just wandering? The feeling can be, too often, “What will I do today and does it really matter?” That’s possibly how the Israelites […]


Breathing in and living in the present

Too often, our minds and our imaginations can run wild. And sometimes they take us down dark paths and into unsettling places. It can happen incredibly quickly. Worry sets in. […]


Mission is practical love

Practical Compassion. It’s the title of a book, published in August by Presbyterian World Service & Development to commemorate 75 years of working to help others through relief, development and […]


Being thankful changes everything

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. The skies are a bright blue, the trees robed in glorious colours and the prospect of sharing dinner with those we care about whets […]