Music Director & Organist

Anne Arksey

Anne joins us as our new music director. She loves to share her joy and passion for music with young and old and everyone in between.

She teaches piano three evenings each week and she has also served with leading a choir. Anne brought out the best in the choir at  Minesing United Church for 14 years.

She takes turns leading worship with Dennis Thompson.


Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson has come out of retirement as he joins us as our organist.

Dennis studied piano in Barrie with Jessie Bryson, up until he obtained his ARCT, and he studied preliminary organ with Lloyd Tufford at Collier Street United Church. He went to university in 1958 – and he continued his musical exploration further afield.

He went on to become a teacher. As an educator, he shared his passion, as his specialties were vocal music, choirs and bands. He’s taken numerous choirs and bands to Ontario Place and Expo ’67. After retiring, Dennis expanded his own learning as he took musical study trips on the organs of Europe and Great Britain.

Dennis has been at the church organ keyboard since he was a teenager. He has been a church organist and/or choir director in various denominations – including Toronto’s Calvary Baptist Church and Christ Church in Scarborough Village.

He enjoys singing with the Serenata Singers and as a church musician, he enjoys the challenge of working with small groups of singers.


Get in touch with Anne or Dennis by calling our office at 705-728-3991 or emailing

We also have others in our congregation who enjoy sharing their musical talents – whether on instruments or with their voices. Join us to discover who’s sharing this week!