A small seed of faith is something to be truly thankful for


This weekend, it’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. We are grateful and celebrate the plentiful harvest.

The joy of biting into a fresh apple. The pumpkin pie served with some whipped cream, for pumpkin spice lovers, is an incredible creation. And the dinner – the turkey or ham with all the trimmings – definitely, something to enjoy.

We are thankful for, especially as some in our community are alone or families who struggle with food security in these challenging economic times.

Yet despite these simple blessings, we each may be struggling with some kind of private or more public pain. Some of us may talk about it, while others may not even be honest with themselves about their challenges and struggles.

Here is something to be truly grateful for: God understands and forgives. God’s steadfast love endures forever.

All it takes is a little bit of faith. Not much. Just a little, and then to call on God to help. A quiet prayer. An urgent prayer. Being still and reaching out to God.

Rev. Joanne discusses the parable of the mustard seed – one of the smallest seeds that grows into an incredibly large plant that provides shelter for birds. You can watch at https://youtu.be/VdddNnjPl8o

Faith, even a small seed, is indeed a gift, and something to be grateful for.