Being thankful changes everything


Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. The skies are a bright blue, the trees robed in glorious colours and the prospect of sharing dinner with those we care about whets our appetite.

In French, Thanksgiving is Le Jour d’action de grace.

This is perhaps a more accurate description of what the day is, or should be. The translation has “action” in it, a far more vigorous verb than “giving” or “giving thanks”.

Being thankful isn’t a passive act.

And that is what occurs in the passage Rev. Joanne discussed this week; in Luke 17, Jesus heals 10 lepers. Leprosy forced those afflicted with it to live outside their communities, away from others except those who were similarly afflicted. It required that they cover their mouths and yell “unclean, unclean”. Perhaps this phrase is something we could relate to as we have endured the pandemic, whether we are well off or not.

There are still people – individuals with hopes and dreams – who live on the edges. Their need for assistance – real, not just temporary – is something our municipal and provincial leaders must address.

So how will we mark the day of action for grace/thanksgiving?

As we clean our houses and prepare them for cooler weather, we are grateful we have a home – complete with dust and pet hair – to sweep. We are thankful for the opportunity to enjoy a hot meal with others. We are grateful for the blue skies, before they turn grey before November arrives.

And what actions can we take? As we celebrate the harvest, we appreciate the old saying “bloom where you are planted”. Share what you have; be open to encouraging others. Take action, in your own unique way and make our community a better place.