Barb Drummond – Secretary:
Need to know anything or find anyone at St. Andrew’s? Just ask Barb, who has been the Secretary at St. Andrew’s for more than 20 years. She runs the office and welcomes visitors and church folk alike, as she enjoys the camaraderie of the church family, which gives her a great sense of enjoyment.  Born and raised in Barrie, Barb has one son, one daughter and two grandchildren.

Mia Drummond — Children & Youth Leader
Mia brings a lot of insight, energy and wisdom to her position as our Children & Youth Leader. Studying Sociology at Ryerson, she loves working with children and helping each one reach their potential. Having grown up in St. Andrew’s, she is passionate about helping young minds understand God’s love. Outside of work, she enjoys long evening walks, listening to a variety of music and watching Netflix .

Laurie Watt – Communications Coordinator
Laurie is no stranger to Barrie or St. Andrew’s. She worked as a reporter for more than 30 years and here at St. Andrew’s, she currently sings in the choir and is part of our Mission and Outreach team. The mother of an adult with Autism, Laurie has worked to make others feel welcome, understood and supported in an array of roles, including our refugee support team and our Mission and Outreach team. Her creative outlets include singing in our choir and photography.

Ashley Brammer – Custodian

Ashley is more than a cleaner and a caretaker; he plans ahead to make our church building a welcoming and enjoyable place for St. Andrew’s groups and community groups alike. He’s an incredible fit for St. Andrew’s, where music plays such an important role. An accomplished pianist, he has earned his grade 10 Piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Currently, he is studying the banjo in his spare time. His interests include history, music, the outdoors, gardening, poetry and travel. He and his wife, Wendy, live in Barrie.