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Raw Carrot community engagement manager Elena Haskell and St. Andrew's Barrie's Penny Barker restock the sales table and talk about the seasonal flavours of the heart-warming soups.

Soup venture nourishes staff and customers

The Raw Carrot builds skills, friendships and dignity as it serves hand-crafted soups – an inspiring mission project that began in a church kitchen in Paris, Ontario.


Walking through what remains and thankfully remembering

As we take stock after our February fire, let’s have a look at what remains, as insurance company contractors examined, measured and prepare their estimates for Phase 2 work.

In the emergency clean-up phase, also known as Phase 1, the work included removing burnt and smoke-damaged walls and asbestos tiles.


Everything in its season – and phase

Phase 1, the emergency clean-up phase after our Feb. 19 fire, is wrapping up. The final piece in that phase is the organ cleaning and restoration. Meanwhile, contractors are working on submitting quotes for Phase 2 work to the insurance company. Over the past several weeks, contractors have been measuring and taking in their various specialists and sub-contractors to understand what they’re working with in order to create a quote that would give us specifics about options and the associated costs.


A time for everything, thanks be to God

It’s been a busy year, perhaps the first regular year of activities post-Covid. In the middle of it all St. Andrew’s was hit by fire and we lost access to our long-time home. Our dross was consumed and our gold – our faith – refined.


On our own land – learning and sharing together

Out of our long-time building since the fire in mid-February, the past few months have felt like we were journeying in a land we really didn’t know or understand. It is something God understands because other peoples have encountered such challenges.


Diversity and learning on our human journey

As a human creation of this loving Creator, each one of us is  unique, beautiful and valued. Our human journey is an adventure of exploration of discovering who we are and how each of us can make our community and our world more beautiful. 


Reflecting as we enter our 175th year

We continue to walk together and serve in Barrie as we begin our 175th anniversary year. We don’t know what is in store, but we do know that God’s unfailing love and grace will guide us.