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Put Your Faith Into Action Put your faith into action today and let your actions
be fueled by your faith.
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Rev. Joanne Lee St. Andrew's


She has seen how God leads us and sustains us. Our Minister
Put Your Faith Into Action Put your faith into action today and let your actions
be fueled by your faith.
The church is a people! How true! Those are the words to a song we
enjoy singing at St. Andrews.
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Join us this fall as we explore art, Rome in 71 CE and our Lord’s love. We worship in chapel at Steckley-Gooderham’s, at 10 a.m., one block west. Our offices are located at Collier United. Contact: mail@standrewsbarrie.ca or 705-728-3991.


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Every Sunday morning, through music and song, prayer, preaching and study, we share the biblical story of God’s love for all the world as revealed in Jesus Christ. Week by week, we faithfully and joyfully gather to lift up our hearts.

Church Mission

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As a congregation of Christ’s people, we seek to discover, celebrate & share the love of God. Through worship, prayer, praise & service, we endeavour to follow the compassionate example of Jesus Christ to our neighbours, and the world.



Nursery, Church School, Bible Studies, Women’s Missionary Society, Pastoral Care Team, Youth Group, Summer Vacation Bible Camp, and Art Guild. Call for more information.

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“Which One Are You?”

By Rev. Joanne Lee, 1 October 2023 12:45 pm

“Whose kingdom are we serving?”

By Rev. Joanne Lee, 24 September 2023 11:50 am

God’s Love Includes Everyone

As an inclusive, affirming congregation, we honour the diversity of God’s creation. Our community is richer when we include people of all ages, gender identities, racial and cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, abilities, economic circumstances and family configurations.

We seek to provide a safe space so that each person can bring every aspect of their whole self into participation within this congregation. We invite all to join into the life, leadership, witness and ministry at St. Andrew’s Barrie.
As part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, we support the incusion of LGBTQI2S+ people to serve as ministers and elders. We define marriage as a covenant between two adults.

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A year of adventure into the unexplored begins

The first week of September is always an adventure – and we’re getting ready for a season of activities for the whole family. Join us!

Walking through what remains and thankfully remembering

As we take stock after our February fire, let’s have a look at what remains, as insurance company contractors examined, measured and prepare their estimates for Phase 2 work.

In the emergency clean-up phase, also known as Phase 1, the work included removing burnt and smoke-damaged walls and asbestos tiles.

Everything in its season – and phase

Phase 1, the emergency clean-up phase after our Feb. 19 fire, is wrapping up. The final piece in that phase is the organ cleaning and restoration. Meanwhile, contractors are working on submitting quotes for Phase 2 work to the insurance company. Over the past several weeks, contractors have been measuring and taking in their various specialists and sub-contractors to understand what they’re working with in order to create a quote that would give us specifics about options and the associated costs.

A time for everything, thanks be to God

It’s been a busy year, perhaps the first regular year of activities post-Covid. In the middle of it all St. Andrew’s was hit by fire and we lost access to our long-time home. Our dross was consumed and our gold – our faith – refined.

Welcome to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Barrie. This is an active congregation with plenty of opportunities for growth and sharing. Be sure to connect with us regularly and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas you may have.