Into the darkness God’s Love comes and shines


Today is the shortest day, the longest night.

It has felt like a long slow decline into darkness. Even the days seemed darker and drearier. They are colder. Life feels that much more severe.

The headlines and events in our world too remind us that love and kindness can sometimes be challenging to find, while anger and violence seem to be flourishing.

Yet as we have been journeying towards Christmas, we have focused on hope, peace, joy and love. We have been lighting the candles and exploring how God’s love changes lives, how Jesus taking on human form changes history.

Each one of us has an incredible role to play as we share what light we have. It’s reminiscent of the old childhood song, “This little light of mine, I’m gong to let it shine”.  Some days it can feel as if our light is indeed little, small, meagre, almost insufficient.

That’s when we consider hope. Not a wishy-washy wish for a particular present, hope is something more real. It is knowing that the Light will overcome the darkness. Even our little light breaks the darkness. Incredible things happen when we carry our light and gather together, as we gain strength from each other. This gives us peace, as we know all things will work for good for those who love God, although we cannot see it. Knowing that God is with His people, loves His people and He will deliver them brings us incredible joy. This is incredibly inspiring, as we share God’s lovingkindness.

At St. Andrew’s this weekend, we invite you to join us for a family-friendly Lessons & Carols service at 7 p.m. If you’re in the mood to share, bring a donation for our Little Winter Warmers Tree. We are stocking that tree with mitts, hats, scarves and socks, all secured from the elements in plastic zippered bags and put on a tree outside, so those who need a bit of warmth can get it. Demand has been steady and we are grateful we can help others.

Alternatively, help us stock the Little Food Pantry at Trinity Anglican: bring winter-safe foods such as pepperoni sticks, peanut butter, fish packed in oil, protein bars and dry soups. Let us share and take joy in knowing we are having an impact.

If a quiet, intimate Communion service has more appeal, join us with our friends at Collier Street United Church. We are grateful for their invitation and look forward to gathering with them.

On Christmas Day, we celebrate the joy of God’s gift in worship at 10 a.m. at St. Andrew’s. Join us. Let’s celebrate together and take comfort in God’s love for us. The light has overcome the darkness.