Peace and joy are tied together to sustain and inspire


Last Sunday and today were Advent 2 and 3. But what does that entail – and what does it mean?

Many people in many Christian churches light Advent candles. The first was the candle of Hope. As we travel in the darkness, we await God’s promise of a new day, of a Saviour, of new life.

These days are definitely dark times. Covid continues to make people ill and with two years of relative isolation and masking, the flu and another respiratory virus are joining in to threaten the health of many, particularly the young and the older people we know. Children’s hospitals are busy and getting something as basic as children’s acetaminophen can be a challenge.

The days are shorter and colder. Sunshine is scarce.  The Son, however, is not. Sing “Be near me, Lord Jesus”, and He will be. Hope –  that’s what that is. It’s not some wishy-washing feeling of luck.


Last week , Rev. Bruce McAnsh spoke about peace. It is more than calm, deeper than calm. It is a sense of overwhelming order and confidence that allows us to rest. As you hear the seasonal songs on the radio, ponder what it means to “sleep in heavenly peace.”

Take some time out and consider what peace is; it is much more than the absence of conflict or drama – although not having conflict or drama is indeed good!


Peace helps sustain our souls and keeps us going in the midst of our daily toils and troubles in these dark times.

Today, Rev. Joanne Lee spoke about joy.  Joy is much deeper than happiness, which can be fleeting and all too often dependent on the situation and our emotional reactions. Joy is knowing that God’s promise and God’s faithfulness will sustain us. In Isaiah 35. we are told “Be strong and do not fear.” How is that for cultivating, hope, peace and joy?

As we journey, we focus on God’s love and the light it shines in our dark days.

We’re on this journey together.

Join us in worship or in sharing the light – the hope, the peace, the joy and the love – that Jesus offers us as we join Him in caring for others and brightening our world. Join us in stocking our Little Warmers Tree and the Little Food Pantry at neighbouring Trinity Anglican.

Share the light in whatever way you can. That is an incredible gift, for the giver and those who receive. Hope, peace, joy and love.