Our Creator shows us sustaining generosity


As I walked barefoot on the grass and onto the rocks, and listened to the waves gently roll onto the rocks, I felt nourished.

The shorter days and cooler nights make for better sleep.

And the day after Labour Day reminds us of a new year beginning, full of learning opportunities and new friendships, at school and outside of school, in sports and Scouting groups.

In each of us, God has shared the incredible gift of creativity . Whatever the season, we see beauty and new opportunities.

A sunrise in spring shows us the opening of Kempenfelt Bay and the promise of exploration during boating season.

We see the sun rise further west, in Collingwood, where the great inland lakes meet one of our Simcoe County shorelines.


Further out, as some travelled on holiday, we see the sun rise over Lake Huron’s shore.

And the view of a camp counsellor, the calm of the morning before the kids rise.

It’s been an incredible season of exploration, which reminds us of the generosity and creativity of our God.

Look for the sun rise as the kids get up; it won’t be long before the sun delays its rise until some board school buses.

There is incredible variety and beauty in each sunrise and in each of us. That is the generosity of God.

Be nourished by it. Be inspired by the opportunities that await in each day. Explore more about God with us this week with Rev. Keith Boyer at https://youtu.be/pweyF0jqpwc.