Bask in and share the love that streams to us


Summer’s sun fades as do the flowers of the field. The days shorten and the nights become cooler. And this week is the last week of the unofficial Canadian summer, as Labour Day approaches and the kids return to school.

Some mark the “end of summer” with the opening of the CNE in Toronto or the weekend of the Barrie Fair. They are celebrations of the beginning of the harvest and they take in the still-warm days as people take in the food and enjoy the rides and learn about the farmers who feed us.

Yet as the rhythms of our lives change, God’s love does not. It continues to sustain and nurture us.

God asks that we share this love with others, whoever they may be. For some reason often unbeknownst to us, we meet people on their human journey. Our lives intersect, although for  how long and why we don’t know.

As our lives intersect, take time to learn and share with those you meet. They have something to give, as you do. There’s an opportunity for giving and taking, for sharing, and for nurturing and being nurtured.

In Psalm 81 verse 16, there’s the promise of God providing us with the finest wheat and sweetest honey. God gives us good things – as we begin celebrating with the fairs and the early days of the harvest.

Enjoy the flavours of what ripens and makes its way to your table. Share it with others, with generosity and humility. Be nourished in body, mind and soul.

Enjoy the changing season and the last week of our summer holidays and anticipate what God has in store for you and for me.