Sharing and showing love for Ukraine


One of Barrie’s creative gifts to our world is Don Komarechka. He’s a photographer who explores the smallest details in our world – and he reminds us that each little thing, no matter how small, can have an impact.

Don Kom, as he’s known to his friends, moved his young family to Bulgaria almost a year ago to be nearer his wife’s family. He lives in a small village on the Black Sea; he can look out and imagine the horrors happening on a not-so-distant shore. Undoubtedly when he left Barrie, he never imagined he’d be so close to the terror of war in Ukraine.

Don Kom has ties to the Ukraine – a grandfather left there to come to Canada – and with his ongoing passion to help others, he is sharing images as he shares ways to help. Check him out at or on his website

“I see heroes being made in Ukraine right now. Brave men and women defending the freedom of their families and their entire country is no small task, and the spirit of the Ukrainian people appears impossible to break. Strong leadership is an understatement, and the civilian populations are showing the world what it means to stare pure evil directly in the eyes,” Don Kom writes in a Facebook post.

Even if the war was won tomorrow, the humanitarian crisis will persist for years. Sometimes I feel like the only thing I can is watch it unfold, but there’s always something we can do to help.”

Perhaps known best for his snowflake series – an incredible project that not only reveals the beauty of each snowflake but explains how the snowflake came to be – Don Kom shares his techniques and passion as he has been a member and mentor at the Barrie Photo Club. He has an incredible network of arts and creative people in Canada, and they have helped him help others. He accepts financial donations from friends, buys food and clothing and takes it to a refugee centre.

“Yesterday’s supply run to the refugee center included a large bag of slippers, track pants, specific needed sizes of diapers, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste etc.,” he said in an email early Wednesday morning. “Today the focus will be more on food, with milk, canned fish and meat, fruits all on the list. We will be leaving as soon as I am done this email.”

Don Kom has been creating images that can be used freely to show support for the Ukrainian people. He knows the power of each person showing they care.

“The global support for Ukraine is vast. Symbols of blue and yellow are everywhere, and they should be. Not only does this show the Ukrainian people that the world stands with them, it’s also seen my politicians all over the world. The public support is shaping government policy to lend more aid to Ukraine, and the more of these symbols of support, the better. This image is part of my contribution, and I encourage everyone with creative skills to add their own. The more our world leaders see our desire to stop a tyrannical madman, the more action will be taken.”
He suggests sharing funds. “Directly donate to Ukraine. There are a number of ways to do this, through organizations like this ( ) which can help fund the military and surrounding support structures.”
The Presbyterian Church in Canada also partners with churches overseas. As a member of ACT Alliance and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, the church’s international development and relief agency is well connected to get help to those who need it.  More information is at
Even if you can’t give,  you can pray. Prayer is the great wireless connection; really, it is.