Second chances and new life


Second chances.

Imagine if we could redo some event in our life over again. It’s easy and it’s the subject of movies – Groundhog Day and Back to the Future are classics and a new take on that is The Adam Project. The movies have us imagining a second chance to get things the way we’d like.

In the parable of the fig tree in Luke 13, that is what Jesus offers us. He is the gardener.


As gardening season approaches, we can easily imagine the landowner looking at that tree that hasn’t given any fruit for three growing seasons. Wanting to make best use of his land, he asks the gardener to chop down the tree. The gardener asks for a reprieve and promises to nourish the tree for the season, then wait to see what happens next time.

That is what Jesus does for us: He intercedes for us and He nourishes us. He gives us the soul food that satisfies. He wraps us in love and hope.

His love and hope are like what a caterpillar wraps itself in as it sleeps and the Creator works to transform that caterpillar into a butterfly.

In God’s time, the once-barren fig tree bears fruit and a butterfly emerges from the cocoon.

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Join us in our transforming work as we and our Women’s Missionary Society partner with charities local and global to help people struggling on their journey; for example, we support the Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie, Youth Haven and the Listening Post, a newer initiative that gives a listening ear to those who need to share and begin to untangle their struggles.

Butterflies and fig trees are reminders for all of us, whether we need a second chance or whether we want to be part of the work of God’s transforming love.

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