Being creative is experiencing the divine


The days are longer and it’s starting to feel like spring, a time for new beginnings.

St. Andrew’s Art Guild – whose tagline is Inspired by God to Create – is half way in its spring art series. Participants are learning colour theory and this past week, they dabbled with alcohol-based inks and how to blend colours and create textures.

When you think about the rhythms of nature and the seasons or how colours work together or how alcohol inks blend, there’s a clear testament to the God’s creativity.

And as His children, we are inspired to create.

The alcohol ink piece of the filed with a stone fence and wildflowers scattered in the lush grass underneath a textured sky is a glimpse into what the artist (and writer) sees as she considers God’s green pastures. They are lush and green. They feature daffodils and other spring flowers, as well as a tree with leaves bursting into a canopy that covers the branches left bare all winter.

Trees too testify to God’s provision. They are varied in size and shape, but they all reach up to the heavens, clean our air and provide shade.

The beauty of God’s creation inspires us to create – and that means perhaps trying new techniques and letting the creativity – a gift of God – flow.

As the season changes, what can you do to be creative? What do you appreciate about what God provides for us? Thinking about these things, we really are inspired by God to create.