Hidden promises are ours for the seeking


Just a few days ago we were in a deep freeze. We’ve had a few days of milder weather but we know winter isn’t finished yet. With those puddles frozen and the snow returning, it’s hard to imagine the work God is doing to prepare the earth for spring and His work in us and in our community.

“In the bulb there is a flower, in the seed an apple tree, in cocoons a hidden promise butterflies will soon be free.”

God rules and lovingly provides. His goodness is always there, although sometimes it may be tough to see.

Our Women’s Missionary Society partners with God in spreading His goodness. The group partners with other churches to fill Little Pantries. Youth Haven, the Listening Post and the women and children’s crisis centre will also benefit from the hope-filled fundraiser. Our WMS’s fundraising supports also projects in developing countries. The ladies are planning to hasten the feel of spring with a new take on this year’s Butterfly Tree fundraiser, which begins Feb. 27. More details to come!

In the same thoughtful theme, a Bible study with the Downtown Ministry Group focuses on what happens when grace and justice meet.

The online study starts March 8 and has ministers from Collier Street United, St. Mary’s Roman Catholic, Trinity Anglican and St. Andrew’s ministering together and exploring grace, justice, poverty, revolution, love and hope.

Another option to learn and grow – and to be part of the healing and reconciliation work with our Indigenous neighbours – is offered by York Region’s Kairos Ecumenical Justice group. It’s a sharing and learning opportunity that offers cultural insights as well as traditional knowledge.

Give some thought as to how you’d like to nourish your journey in Lent. Unlike a bulb in the ground, however, you won’t be alone, in the cold and in the dark. You’ll be with others who choose justice, peace and hope.