Something God alone can see


Face it: Many of us are tired of winter.

This year, we didn’t have a January thaw that reduced the snowbanks to a reasonable level. We haven’t had a real break from the cold, which has often been severe and relentless.

But in the snow and cold of winter, there’s a spring that waits to be. Those are words from the first hymn we sang together today as we returned to in-person worship.

The coldness has been made worse, it seems, by the masks we continue to wear. They hide smiles and contain laughter.

The coldness has been made worse by the uncertainty of our economy and the ongoing protests about public health measures we’ve had to endure for almost two years.

The cold winds are chilly and discouraging.

Believe that there is work being done we can’t see. There is a spring that waits to be.

Enjoy the music and the hymn that focuses on God’s promise and His continuing care, which sometimes we can’t see.