Peace – more than just lighting a candle


Noticed that the days are shorter, that the darkness is ever growing? The sun rises long after the high school kids are on their way to school and many professionals return home to Barrie from the office in the dark. Some who work odd shifts — perhaps a 7-to-7 shift — would hardly see daylight.

But darkness also permeates our community in many ways: homelessness, housing insecurity, financial hardship, grief and loss, and ill health, just to name a few. They’re all around us, as people we know fight their battles quietly and courageously, often alone.

No matter if you miss the daylight or are facing a struggle, know that the darkness does not overcome us. Last week, we lit the Candle of Hope. This week, we lit the Candle of Peace. Hope and Peace are yours for the taking.

And for giving.

As the old children’s song goes… Jesus bids us shine with a pure, clear light. Like a little candle burning in the night. In this world is darkness, so we must shine. You in your small corner and I in mine.

How can you share the light today?