Advent calendars that share God’s love



Kids often look forward to Dec. 1 because it’s the first day they open their Advent calendar and enjoy a treat.

Here’s another take on the Advent calendar: Why not discover the treat of sharing or being kind?

We’re featuring two Advent calendars – one from our friends at Westminster Presbyterian also here in Barrie. It’s a calendar chock full of ideas to share with the Barrie Food Bank. Desperately needed items as well as seasonal ones are on the shopping list: peanut butter, canned tuna, granola bars and applesauce, along with cranberry sauce and a box of easy-to-prepare stuffing.


And here’s another one that doesn’t cost you a cent but can make a big change in the world around you: Being kind.

Give someone a compliment. Hold the door open for someone. Hide a happy note for someone to find. Let a car in while you’re in traffic – often challenging to do when we’re stuck in a jam and trying to get somewhere.

Also on the calendar is a reminder to do something kind for yourself. And the last one – reflect and record how much joy Christmas brings you.

Have a wonderful December and may you experience the joy of giving and being kind. Let you light shine in the darkness.