Jesus meets us where we are on the journey


One of our wise women, Mary Helen Garvin, has a saying: We are spiritual beings on a human journey.

Every day, as I rise and give thanks for a night’s sleep, I am reminded of the blessings I have on this journey: a comfortable and stable place to sleep, pets that provide warmth, and a day to look forward to.

And so it must have been for Andrew and Simon, the two fishermen Jesus called to join Him as His first two disciples. The brothers were going about their duties as they worked to continue their father’s fish mongering business and care for their customers.

Because He took on our form, Jesus understands our human journey. Like Him, we are spiritual beings on a human journey.

There are those we help on their way with our Little Winter Warmers Tree. Whoever they are, wherever they are going, we offer them a bit of warmth. We have had the honour of joining them on their journey.

Tomorrow, our Matinee and Munchies debut features the Pixar movie, Up. The movie is a touching story of a widower who reflects back on the memories of the adventures he had with his wife. He is sad, undoubtedly. Yet he finds a note from her that encourages him to make new adventures – and so the story of new relationships and discoveries begins.

On a broader level, we can see these stories and opportunities for adventure taking place in our city. Barrie is a young city, but its average age is getting older. As a community, we have moved into our 40s – or put another way, our fifth decade!

In 2016, Statistics Canada’s census reported our average age was 38.9 years, and our 2021 average age had risen to 40.2 years. Further, almost 16 per cent of Barrie’s population is age 65 or older, a figure that’s up from 13.9 per cent five years previously.

Where are you on your journey? Parenting? Parenting a second time around by caring for grandchildren? In a mid-life change or preparing to retire – or having just retired?

Perhaps you are grieving the loss of a coworker who died from cancer – a reminder of our frailty. Or consider the loss of musicians, like David Crosby, Lisa Marie Presley, Robbie Bachman and Jeff Beck.

Mary Helen, a retired psychotherapist and grief counsellor, and our minister Joanne Lee, will lead a discussion about the themes of the movie and how each of our own lives changes – and what that means as spiritual beings who are beloved children of God. Join us on the journey.

Plan to join us Thursday from 1 to 4 p.m. RSVP by calling our office, 705-728-3991.