We’re thankful for those joining in helping warm up Barrie


We’re grateful and excited at what’s happening on our corner of the world.

There’s no quicker route to getting cold than getting wet. And the combination of wet and cold is downright chilling, in the worst way. This winter has been very wet, very damp and therefore bone-chilling at times.

The drizzle and freezing rain this week make staying warm a challenge for anyone who has to go outside.

Until this week, we were having to manage our stock of mittens, gloves, hats and socks. We had to portion them out on the tiny tree on the corner of Owen and Worsley streets.

But with more media coverage about our Little Winter Warmers Tree, many people have joined us in helping stock the Little Winter Warmers Tree.

That’s an incredible blessing, for people like Pam Watt, the president of our Women’s Missionary Society. Watt is one of the volunteers who puts the mittens, gloves, hats, scarves and socks into zippered plastic bags and pegs them onto the tree.

One day last week, she stocked the tree, then went inside the church for a meeting with a reporter. When they came out, the tree was bare.

What a story of a need being met in real time!

It’s also so heartening to hear the comments from people who pick up the bit of warmth they need. One of St. Andrew’s faithful, who also takes time to volunteer at the Listening Post, was thanked by a lady who picked up dry mitts.

If you’d like to help with this project, drop off your donations at our office weekdays between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

We also accept donations to help stock the Little Food Pantry at nearby Trinity Anglican. Winter-safe items include pastas like Knorr Sidekicks, canned fish in oil, beef jerky, pepperoni sticks and protein bars.

Let’s take the bite out of these cold times. Thank you for joining in and sharing the warmth.