Take time to pause, rest in God’s creative love



Wherever we are on our journey, God reminds us of His enduring, steadfast love.

It’s easy to overlook in the rush of the everyday or in the stresses that can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially with the 24-hour news cycle and discouraging items that appear in the feeds on our phone. In fact, they truly aren’t feeds and sometimes we need to hit “pause”.

Some of us have ventured to the water’s edge, where the sounds of the waves are calming.

In this long, mid-summer weekend, let’s appreciate the beauty of the season, even in the urban environment: some flowers have faded and others are just beginning to bloom in our gardens. The tulips finished months ago but this week, the Rose of Sharon are beginning to take the spotlight.

The roses continue to share the incredible creativity and beauty of creation.

The flowers along our streetscapes provide beauty on our way. Across from St. Andrew’s, we have the beauty of flowers mixed with older homes.

These are small stops along our journey when we can pause and consider the beauty of our community and our blessings – and most of all, the incredible creativity and sustaining love of God.

Listen to this week’s service, with special music, Above All. We truly are blessed; let us pause and count the gifts and blessings we have, as we hit “pause” from the bustle and clutter. Let us be inspired to share what we can – even words of encouragement. We are all interconnected.  Join us in worship at https://youtu.be/SHfi9MPtRf4