Taking time to connect


Relationships – whether with your neighbour, your family or your colleagues at work – require connection.

A simple “hello, how was your weekend?” as you encounter a colleague is not only kind, but affirming as we recognize the individual and take a few moments to ask how they are.

There’s nothing like a meal out with a friend you haven’t seen for a while. While waiting for the food to arrive, reconnection is already underway and the intimacy of enjoying a meal together restores the bonds of friendship that may have become frayed over months of isolation or inability to connect.

Admittedly, clicking “like” on someone’s post on social media isn’t really connection. There are even posts some people will put up saying something to the effect, “take time to at least say hello”.

Seems simple enough.

God gives each of us the task of being a messenger – of kindness, of hope, of strength. Wherever we are, we relay His light and love into the darkness.

So I wrote to the Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth; my simple note  shared some encouraging thoughts as she celebrated her 96th birthday and prepared for her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

A response arrived this week.

The Queen had directed a lady-in-waiting to write to me – likely one of thousands who took time to send a card with some kind thoughts – to thank me. I had thought perhaps, if I were lucky, I’d get a postcard of the palace, but certainly never imagined a personalized letter.

And so it is too with our Heavenly King, our Father, our Sustainer, who loves us with deep, steadfast love. How much more is He likely to listen and to respond.

Certainly there must be times when the connection doesn’t feel particularly strong; that is human. But God never abandons; His steadfast love endures.

Connecting with God, Rev. Joanne noted in this week’s message, is easy. She recalled the example of her mother, who would be in quiet prayer in the family-run convenience store. Fortunately there was a bell on the door, noted Rev. Joanne, which would alert her mother to a customer and to put her ongoing conversation with God on pause for a few minutes. https://youtu.be/mINe5E06C7A

And the example Jesus gives us is similar too. He stayed in touch with the Father; He would go to quiet places to share His thoughts and experiences, as well as seek strength and guidance.

Saying connected to God is more energizing than staying connected to a wifi network and for our wellbeing, it is much more essential. It is indeed powerful.

Yet all too often we panic when the wifi signal weakens or goes off.

God’s wireless connection never goes down. Wherever we are, prayer connects us to God.

It’s simply up to  us to say hello, perhaps express thanks for something good that’s happened or just be for a bit.

And there will be a response – although we don’t know what or when. If the Queen can respond, so certainly will the King she, and us, serve.