We pray for peace



As part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, we join in praying with our partners in Ukraine as they and all around them are faced with war, danger and uncertainty. we pray for safety and peace, comfort for those now in mourning, and humanitarian aid for all in need. We pray for those fleeing their homes; may their journey be safe and may God’s peace be with them.

We pray:

God of mercy and love,
we trust in your purposes
of peace for all people.
Guide the nations of the world into ways of peace, justice and truth,
and establish among them a spirit of unity and cooperation,
that all people in this world might have abundant life.
And especially we pray for peace in Ukraine and for the people there.
We remember before you those who
face danger in the defence of peace and order.
Watch over those whose lives are at risk,
comfort those who are anxious for themselves or loved ones.
Soften the passions in the hearts and minds of people
that keep alive the spirit of division and war,
and in your grace, restore peace within and between us;
in the name of the Prince of Peace,
Jesus Christ, our Lord.

We also support the World Council of Churches’ call for dialogue and respect for international law. Here’s what The Rev. Prof. Dr. Ion Sauca, the World Council of Churches’ Acting General Secretary writes in a statement:

“The World Council of Churches denounces any and every use of deadly armed force to resolve disputes that could be resolved by dialogue. We firmly believe that dialogue—based on the principles of international law and respect for established national borders—was and is the proper path for the resolution of tensions surrounding Ukraine. We call for an immediate end to the current armed hostilities, and for the protection of all human lives and communities threatened by this violence. We urge all member churches and all people of good will around the world to join us in prayer for peace for the people of Ukraine and the region.”