When the darkness and the waters seem overwhelming


This time of year, the days are too short and too cold. The sun, it seems, is rarely in the sky. All too often the days are grey and bone-chilling.

Add to that the post-holiday crash. The reality of the scale. The reality of the bills. The reality that lockdowns, once again, keep us apart.

But nothing – not the raging waters nor fire nor lockdowns in the coldest, bleakest days of winter – can keep us from the sustaining love of God.

This week in our virtual service, Rev. Joanne discusses Isaiah 43, as well as Psalm 29 and Luke 3, in which the baptism of Jesus is recorded. She shares a story of a Syrian refugee family, who took their lives in their hands, courageously faced dangers and got out of the only country they had ever known and loved. No doubt they look back to what they knew yet they ventured forth into what they didn’t know.

That feels like our times, here in Barrie, doesn’t it? We just can’t seem to get back to what we enjoyed, at least for very long.

For some of us, that journey – which is difficult enough in itself – is made colder, darker and lonelier as we have lost people we love. Not only are we going to a place we don’t know, but we are going without all the resources and support we previously had.

It is not easy. But not only is God with us, but God is ready to sustain us. Isaiah 43 has some incredible promises. Claim them for your own.

Join us online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbCQpHJty6o.