After the fire and into the unknown: the clean up continues


Our journey of faith continues as we come to terms with the fire that occurred more than a month ago. Insurance and emergency clean-up specialists continue their work, and so far, the estimate of our loss exceeds $2 million. 

We have lost a lot – of things, perhaps some items that mattered to us. What we have not lost is hope nor have we lost the will to discern what God has in store for us.

Part of the emergency clean-up work that must be done is work in our sanctuary, which opened in February 1883.

Here’s an exterior shot of the scaffolding before most of it went up.  There’s a lot – because there’s a lot of space with very high ceilings!

Cleaning the sanctuary walls and ceiling is important. Soot is corrosive and it has to be removed to prevent further damage and degradation. A couple of weeks ago, the pews were cleaned and wrapped.

Part of the emergency clean-up, sanctuary cleaning will take place March 27 to April 7.

Here is a shot of the scaffolding in the balcony:

And a shot from the main floor of the sanctuary:

And another that looks across the choir loft:

The structural engineer has submitted his report to the City of Barrie for review; we await their response.

In the Christian Education wing, the emergency work continues.

This coming week, March 27 to March 31, debris removal and asbestos abatement are scheduled to occur, as required under the city’s Order to Remedy and emergency clean-up work.

The structural engineer’s report to the city also requires the addition’s exterior walls to be shored up, even if the congregation decides to remove or replace the addition that dates back about 100 years. Interior walls and floors will be demolished, due to the Order to Remedy and the asbestos abatement work.