Going where you’d never imagined you’d go


This week, Rev. Joanne explored Jesus’ trip across the lake to an area no upstanding Jewish citizen would ever venture: In Luke 8, Jesus goes to Gadarenes, located on the east side of the Jordan River and southeast of the Sea of Galilee. There the people were Gentiles and they raised and ate pork. The culture and traditions were very different from the Jewish ones. You can listen https://youtu.be/SRHBQXZbrdk

Jesus didn’t let legalism or fear of the unknown or the different discourage Him from healing and helping. There, he helped a demon-possessed man break free of his afflictions and go on to live a life in the community, rather than in the tombs and dark places. Jesus began by asking the man his name, an incredibly respectful gesture that goes beyond acknowledging the individual.

As settlers, we are the foreigners on the land we now call Canada. We are descendants of colonials who brought in different customs and ways of seeing the world.

And those who came before us worked with the colonial government in a shameful venture – residential schools.

This month in Canada is Indigenous History Month.

We look to learn, to understand and to heal. In listening to Indigenous voices and learning about culture and their respect and care for the land, we are part of a healing process. We can learn about Barrie’s history and those who lived here and welcomed us in a spirit of sharing and friendship.

In the third life-long presentation this spring, we will learn about treaties: what they meant to those who were party to them as well as what they mean to people, Indigenous and settlers, today.

Join us at 7 p.m. Wednesday, either in person or check out our YouTube channel for the livestream or recording.

It isn’t going to be a comfortable place to explore, but it is an important one. Jesus had courage as He crossed the lake and we need to have the same courage as we confront our own history and how to heal and move forward.

Here is a link to that presentation https://youtu.be/vqK_q65-Wpk



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