We are His people and the sheep of His pasture


Spring finally arrives, with the early bulb flowers opening this week. With spring, we also have new lambs.

Which brings us to this week’s worship, which unfortunately didn’t get recorded or live-streamed.

So let’s take a walk together in God’s still pastures, past streams of water, and contemplate God’s love for His people, including each one of us.

Psalm 23 is so well-known it can be taken for granted, as the words quickly roll off our tongues. Slowing down, we walk with our Lord through the pastures and be still for a bit.

Sheep farmers know all too well that sheep require constant, vigilant care. They are entirely dependent on their shepherd. In areas where flocks mingle, each sheep knows his shepherd’s voice, and the sheep follows him home to familiar, safe pastures. Individually they do so and the shepherd creates community for the sheep as their needs, known and unknown, are more than met.

In Ezekiel 34, verses 11 to 16, God promises that He will seek out his sheep, rescue them from all places where they’ve been scattered on days when the clouds have been dark and dense, and will feed them.

He promises to strengthen the weak, bind up the crippled and watch over the fat and strong.  Inclusive care that’s customized and appropriate care for each sheep!

Ezekiel certainly adds detail and context to Psalm 23.

Slow down. Listen to the Shepherd’s voice. Know that He is with you and watching over  you. Face today knowing you are not alone.