Lighting up your corner of our world


It seems too many people who’ve had an impact in our world have left it: Betty White, Sidney Poitier, Desmond Tutu – to name just three.

Let’s use Betty White as an example. Tomorrow, Jan. 17, would have been her 100th birthday. There’s a movement on social media — the Betty White Challenge — which encourages everyone to donate $5 to an animal shelter in her memory, because she was such a lover of animals. In the Barrie area, some of the organizations that help the animals are Furry Friends, Marie’s Cat Rescue, Street Cats, Ralphy’s Retreat Animal Sanctuary, Precious Paws and the OSPCA. Each organization’s volunteers work in their corner of our world to save lives and offer animals hope.

White also didn’t tolerate racism and she stood up for others. Having an impact in that same area o f human rights was Sidney Poitier, the first African-American actor to receive the Academy Award for Best Actor. He forged a path for many to follow.

And Desmond Tutu – his human rights work changed millions of lives and created a better world. His impact cannot be overstated.

Photo by Elias Maurer on Unsplash

This week is also the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Although Christians come to worship in many ways, we share the same Good News – the life-changing power that Jesus offers each of us. We may wear different robes, sing different hymns or have a different name, but that brings a beauty and inclusivity to the work. In Barrie, on Wednesday at 2 p.m., we will join together at St. Mary’s, 65 Amelia St.

Just imagine the impact if we all gave $5 for Betty to an animal shelter. Imagine the power if we all said one prayer for our neighbour. Imagine if each of us reached out to share the light in our corner of our world.  When people work together, good things happen. Add God, and it becomes amazing.

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