Christmas brings us the light and warmth of God’s love


Marking the birth of our Saviour, Jesus, Christmas brings us the light and warmth of God’s love. Just imagine the depth of love that inspired God to have his Son take on human form and join us on a human journey.

The human journey isn’t easy, not for any of us. Nor was it easy for our Lord, who experienced every grief that wrings our hearts. He also experienced the joys we experience. What an amazing gift not only for Jesus, but for God.

The stories we read again are simple and too often we rush through them to really consider the simplicity and the miracles.

In our Christmas Eve service, we considered a lamp, a simple, everyday item that  beats the darkness, welcomes us in, lights our path.

We considered a manger – a simple, everyday item that enables beings to be fed. It protects the hay from mice and keeps the hay clean and edible. It welcomes the hungry.

We considered a staff, a simple tool that shepherds use to keep their footing when the path gets rough and to rescue a lost lamb.

We considered a gift, a piece of love. Its giving gives both the giver and the recipient joy.

In the simple events of this day in these pandemic times, may you experience the joy, the love, the peace and the hope that our Lord brings us.

Tune into our Christmas Eve service to share the light with us.