Lighting up our world with Love


This week, we lit the fourth Advent candle: Love.

Even in these dark, uncertain times of the pandemic – the smallest gesture can have the biggest impact: The arrival of unexpected baked treats. The card in the mail (that took more than a bit of thought to write and mail.) The driveway cleared of snow.

Love brightens everything. It conquers the darkness.

Even as the Grinch variant threatens to undo plans for family gatherings, we know we are not alone. We are grateful that God, in love for us, gives each one of us Jesus.

With Him, we can brighten the dark corners and transform our little corner of the world.

God chose a least likely location for Christ to be born: a humble remote village. He chose a time when people feared Assyrian invasion.

God chooses us too. Just be open to receive Him.

Join us online to share in our children’s pageant and in Communion. We’ll also be online Christmas Eve at 8 p.m.