Giving a little can have a major impact


Sharing is caring.

Each one of us is blessed with opportunities to share and make an impact on our little corner of the world – in our neighbourhood, our community, our province, perhaps even in a child’s classroom or a youth group gathering.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s education program coordinator Heather Chappell created a video, Simon’s Apple Tree. It tells the story of,  you guessed it, Simon’s apple tree. Grown from a seed that his grandmother gave him, Simon took care of the seed and the sapling, then the tree. He took joy in seeing the bees gather pollen from the blossoms and he enjoyed sharing the apples with others at harvest time. But the story doesn’t stop there… He continues the tradition and the impact lasts generations and ripples out. It’s a heart-warming, impactful, three-minute video, available at

Share a pair of mittens with others who depend on help to stay warm. Join us in decorating our Mitten Tree, a service project that reminds us that sharing is a whole lot of fun.

Don’t limit yourself to mittens, however; scarves, hats and socks are also appreciated. One pair of mittens and a toque can mean truly warm up the day and the life of someone you may never meet. But rest assured, those little things can have an incredible impact as the cold damp winds blow.