Creating better living in Malawi


St. Andrew’s Women’s Missionary Society has supported several life-changing projects in Malawi .  Here’s one that feeds and

We support 25 grandmothers who belong to the Mary Agogos group. Our gifts have provided school fees and uniforms for orphan children who these grandmothers support, as well as fertilizer for gardens and maize for the grandmothers themselves. This past year we asked the grandmothers how they might start a sustainable project with the money we send.   With the help of their local agriculture representative, they bought 50 laying hens, along with 4 breeding hens and a rooster.  One of our members gave the group a pair of goats when she was in Malawi 11 years ago, and they have continued to breed goats, which supply milk, meat, and fertilizer.

Chickens and eggs – a plan for sustainable food and a sustainable income.
The grandmothers talk about farming and sustainabilty. They’re partners in their project that’s creating better living conditions for many in their community.