About Us

We are a community of God’s people who worship and serve in heart of Barrie, Ontario.

We are part of the Presbyterian Church  in Canada and regionally, we serve alongside our brothers and sisters in the Presbytery of Barrie. For more information, visit Presbytery, at  https://pccweb.ca/barrie/

We have a passion for sharing God’s love and do so with mission work locally, nationally and globally. We support Presbyterian World Service and Development, an agency that partners with others to alleviate poverty  and help others live a fuller life. In the words of PWS&D, “We undertake development, emergency and refugee activities that restore human dignity, ease the pain of want, promote self-help and encourage community cooperation that benefits all. We are sensitive to gender issues, empowerment of the marginalized and the protection of human rights”. More information can be found at https://presbyterian.ca/pwsd/mission/