Serving, loving and sharing God’s goodness


Sometimes, you just have to kneel down and wash someone’s feet.

That’s one way Jesus showed His disciples how to serve. Just imagine walking the miles through the dusty hillsides and city streets littered with animal debris – and what that did to your feet. Your feet were tired and quite unclean. A foot bath felt incredible: not only was it refreshing but it was rejuvenating and incredibly encouraging mentally as well as physically. A simple but so incredible act of service and love.


In Barrie, Ontario, Canada, what does that mean for us?

Our Women’s Missionary Society has shown us several ways.

One is our Little Winter Warmers Tree. Making its debut last year, it offered passersby a bit of warmth from the cold: mitts, hats, scarves and socks to help anyone who felt the chill of the elements could take what they needed. It returns in just a few days.

Anyone who wants to join in this incredible project can drop off donations at our church office weekdays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Our office is located at Collier United, just a couple of blocks east along Collier Street.  We may still be out of our building due to a fire in February, but we remain determined to use our corner of Barrie to spread God’s love – with the warmer-laden tree returning for another season in just a few days.

Our WMS also supports – financially and through volunteering – the Listening Post. This too is an incredible project, which offers a non-judgmental, attentive ear for anyone who needs it. Specially trained volunteers sit and listen in various spots in Barrie, including the library and Meridian Place. It is so simple, but so impactful: having someone listening offers connection and strength for the day when the skies are incredibly dark and discouraging.

There are other incredible community organizations that we support financially and through donations. Youth Haven began as another church’s project and it has grown into a charitable organization that offers more than just a roof. It is an incredible example of what stopping to consider others can do: Youth Haven has changed lives for decades and Barrie is so blessed to have it helping teens and young adults not just find their way but helping them with skills to succeed.

The Barrie Food Bank’s Little Food Pantries are yet another very practical way to show love and nourish others. There are two in the city core: Collier United and Trinity Anglican. Partnering with others – churches and organizations – our WMS continues the work of quietly caring.

Join us this Sunday as these incredible women who are committed to caring and sharing lead us in worship. Our guest speaker,  The Raw Carrot’s Elena Haskell, will be sharing with us how she and the team help people with disabilities build skills and earn an income.

It is an incredibly joy to share and learn from others who creatively show how life-changing Love can be.

Join us this Sunday at 10 a.m. or join in supporting practical projects, including the Little Winter Warmers Tree, the Listening Post or Youth Haven.

It’s in you to give: Love, that is.