47 Owen St. Barrie, ON

The Prayer Ministry at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Barrie, ON

This ministry is a wonderful time made possible through God's grace, to come together to live out our faith in Christ Jesus and our passion in drawing close to God while lifting others to Him for His tender mercies to love, strengthen, heal, restore and sustain them in all ways.

This small, warm fellowship group consists of church members who share a deep commitment to prayer. Our prayers focus on those for whom we are asked to pray, including those within St. Andrew's as well as family, friends, neighbors and situations outside our church; those who come to our attention as we share in the life of our Church; those in need within our community; our church itself, leaders and groups within our church, special times here and in the church at large, and needs evident within and outside our church and in the world.

We welcome newcomers. It doesn’t matter if prayer is a big part of your life, nor does it matter if you are not comfortable praying out loud. There is no pressure to do so. If you have an interest or feel you are being drawn to this ministry, come and experience the group yourself. God will guide you. He is ever faithful to hear and answer prayers. We meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 11am in the church library. Hope to see you there!

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